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(btw: before i linked the Nextvision5, when actually it's the VB50, instead)

I may wait for the Nextvision6 or get this one..then wait and buy the Nextvision6 next spring.

Does anyone know if this will work well with console systems such as the XBox and PS2?

I know it takes s-video input max., so i'm guessing it line doubles the 480i from the s-video. Am i right here?

Now my major question is this:

It says on the specs it can output in 640*480 or 800*600 at 75hz.

Now my pc monitor is sometimes in 75hz..and it's far better on my eyes then the 60hz of my Panasonic Tau TV, and i'm wondering does this processor change the 60hz input to a 75hz output? Or does it still stay from 60hz in to 60hz out?

Thanks so much in adavance for any help.

Philip O.
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