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NFL Sunday Ticket Free*

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I got an email yesterday(Friday) from DirecTV informing me that NFL Sunday Ticket and Red Zone are free this season.
I cancelled my sub to it a couple years back as it was getting too damn expensive.

Upon further research, it appears that the free offer is not for all subscribers but no indication of how one qualifies.
I do have the 4k gear so maybe that was it.
Anyway not asking any questions.

At least I won't be forced the watch the Chiefs, the Bucs and the Plowboys every week unless I want to.
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did DTV give out any credits to customers last year due to COVID?...I got 2 separate credits on my Verizon FiOS bill...maybe this is DTV's way of crediting customers
Credits? Uh not me.
With DTV I pay, pay pay :confused:
Got my invite yesterday.

When I saw “Sunday Ticket Max” I thought it was some sort of add on that you got if you already bought basic Sunday Ticket (which I don’t), but this looks like the real deal.

I did sub for 1 season two years ago but never renewed. I did not see anything in the email saying that you needed to do anything to enable the package.

FTR, I don’t have 4K and did get the email.
I tried to get DirecTv to reactivate my two DVRs and one receiver. Still have the dish and receivers hooked up. All I needed were the access cards. Told them I also wanted Sunday Ticket (one time payment up front). They told me to take a hike. Said they wouldnt reactivate my account or any of my receivers or DVRs, and wouldnt sell me Sunday Ticket.
They said they would, however, send a tech, install a NEW rental DVR, and two slave boxes, and start a new account with a two year contract, and give me Sunday Ticket for Free if I changed to the next higher package. I told them the same thing they told me. F.O.
[QUOTEz="TitusTroy, post: 60934465, member: 7669523"]did DTV give out any credits to customers last year due to COVID?...I got 2 separate credits on my Verizon FiOS bill...maybe this is DTV's way of crediting customers[/QUOTE]

YES I got a credit . Was small but did get an RSN credit a few months ago ..

Also I do remember an MLB credit last season

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Yeah, like me several years ago the only other way to get the NFL Sunday Ticket free is to be a "new" subscriber.
I did some further reading and apparently Roger Goodell has a bone to pick with AT&T.
Now that AT&T has spun-off DTV in some corporate maneuver where AT&T is not the only owner, DTV stands to retain the Sunday Ticket rights beyond 2022.
Roger Goodell is a total tool, imo.
I call every year in aug .

I either get it free or offset by credits

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What's NFL ?..
What's NFL ?..
Not boring is NFL
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I have been getting mine for free or nearly free for the last several years. I have received nothing. I do need to call before my auto-renewal kicks in. This will give me something to ask about.
This is at least the 7th or 8th year it's been free for us. Next year may be the last.
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What's NFL ?..
😄good one! Credits? I guess i watch NFL again on the same spot. My awesome cozy couch + firestick + few beers do the job just great! FuboTv is the best for steaming it so far.
Just make sure they don't try to monkey with your bill by adding these discounts, but adding other "increases".
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