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NForce2 Soundstorm and DTS?

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I have a DTS-encoded version of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, but I'm having trouble playing it, even though I'm using SPDIF Out and my Yamaha receiver is fully DTS compatible.

Most programs (Windows Media player, etc) just give me a loud, rapid "CH CH CH CH CH" sound. With WinDVD, I can barely hear some of the music in the background, but still mostly just the aforementioned gibberish.

When I change the WinDVD sound output to "Stereo" instead of SPDIF, I get full sound, but it's decoding it in software, thus by the time it gets to my receiver it's been re-encoded by Soundstorm and changed to either pseudo-DD 5.1 or Dolby Surround.

I've changed as many options on my Soundstorm control panel, but to no avail. It's almost as if the SPDIF Out just doesn't want to work with a native DTS signal, even though it works just fine for native DD 5.1 signals. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!

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is this a CD or a DVD audio disc or what?

It may take the right player to send cd auio straight through.
If it's a CD, you cannot do it with Soundstorm. It wants to resample everything to 48 KHz, and your DTS CD has to be passed without changes. You will have to find a soundcard supporting bit-perfect output.
I also have a Soundstorm. I was assuming I was getting "bit perfect output" with any soundtrack off a DVD. Is this correct?
I have thoat same CD. I am using zoom player to play it with the AC3 filter. Works fine out my SPDIF on my nforce2
DVD soundtracks, not counting PCM audio ones, are all output bit-perfect with Soundstorm. But trying to output the DTS audio masked in PCM audio, which is how it's stored on DTS CDs, won't work on Soundstorm's digital output. If you don't mind the quality loss, there's always the option that cwolcott put forth, decoding the audio with AC3 filter, and having the DICE of Soundstorm encode it into Dolby Digital.
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