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I am looking to put together a 2 channel system from scratch in my bedroom to be used mainly for listening to 2 channel music.

I was interested in some bookshelf speakers mainly the classic threes or the NHT M5's. I read on the NHT website that the classic three is the best bookshelf speaker that NHT has ever made. How do they stack up against the m5's which are about a hundred dollars more each.

What are some good subwoofers that would sound good with the classic threes or the M5's. I liked the sound of the classic twelve. Are their any good alternatives from velodyne? Im asking this because i can get a good packaged deal on the set, and i can choose between NHT and velodyne.

I also have an opportunity to get a pair of the ST-4's at a really good price. Will i be better off going with the ST'4s and spend more money on a better receiver or perhaps a nice DVD player?

What type of receiver should i be looking at to drive these speakers.

Would appreciate anyone and everyones opinion on the matter.
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