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NHT or Aerial

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Need help deciding between NHT M5/M6 or Aerial Model6/CC3B for front channels. I currently have MA setup (Silver 5i/10i) but I want speakers with more output & better soundstaging. These will be driven by Anthem MCA30 & mated with MA Bronze BFX on sides & Mirage Omni 50 in the rear. Room size is 22x13 ft. Thanks.
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Forgot to mention price range. Looking at $ 2-4k for all three front speakers. Also looking at 3 way center channel. Thanks.
I have the NHT M6's for LCR right now and will be trying the M5's shortly, they sound excellent. Great soundstatge and imaging.

I have not heard the Aerial in my house, but they are a very good speaker. For reference, I have the MA Gold Ref system before getting the NHT's. The midrange was great on the MA GR's but the soundstage and sweetspot is better on the NHT's!

As always, speakers are best auditioned personally.

Good Luck,

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Hi James! Is the sweetspot wider in NHT's compared to MA's?
How would Dynaudio Audience 72 & 122c sound compared to MA as far as output & clarity is concerned? Don't want to take a lateral step.
I auditioned M6 before going with M5. The reason being the designed difference between the 2 speakers. M6 = larger room and a little brighter sound. I preferred the M5 which is a bit smoother and designed for a smaller room, which I have. Getting ready to make the M5 the T5 :D
Daddy like T5s...
And each T5 will have its own A1 to power the M5 and the B5 :D :D
Sound like my system:) The M5's are little smoother, and have graduated to T5's too!

The NHT do have a wider sweetspot and image very well. Better than the MA? Yes, I think so...but not in the room at the same time. The strength of the MA's is the midrange and great detail. The soundstage of the NHT is huge though.

I do like the M5's a little more than the M6's too.


I have been very happy with my Dynaudio Audience 70s and 122C center. They are driven by Outlaw Model 200 (and prior to that ADCOM 7700) with an Aragon Stage One pre-pro. I would describe them as very "listenable" with "sweet" highs, natural midrange and tight bottom end to 34 Hz (-2 dB). I can't bring myself to trade up to other speakers because I enjoy these so much. They mate well with solid state amps and require significant power for their 4 Ohm load to sound their best. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good Luck!
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