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NHT SB2s + NHT SuperOne CI (in walls)?

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Hey everyone -

I need to free up some space in my dedicated media room for some additional chairs. My current Super Audio setup:

L / R / LS / RS - 4 SB2s

C - SC1

Sub - SW10

I'm looking to use in walls for my rear surrounds. Would the NHT SuperOne CI be an OK match for my setup? Any other suggestions?



Link to the SuperOne CI in walls
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No one can give me a thumbs up or thumbs down? Would In-Ceiling be a better choice, such as the NHT CS6.1, 6.3, or 8.3?

Although your not matching the tweeters with the SuperOne inwalls, it should be fine for rears. The amount of info they are required to produce is not that great. Do you have to go in-wall?

James Elvick
New NHT's are imminent (a few weeks). Either the new iW2 or iW3 would be perfect. The iW3 is the best match, but both have very wide dispersion, ideal for surround speakers. Both are a big step up from SuperOnes in detail and matching.

The new iC1, 2, 3, 4 would be find, but wall placement is better. If you HAVE to put the couch on the back wall, then, yes, you should go in-ceiling. You should pay no more than $100, $200, $300/pr for the older models on closeout.

Hey James, how's Reno?!? Nice to see a friendly face.
Here's what I have to work with (see current and future layout). I'm having trouble deciding if I should use in-wall (firing from the left / right OR from behind the couch) OR in-ceiling (aimed down, in line with front speakers).




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I'm going to think on this, back later. In the meantime, consider using one of your SB2s as your center. It's better than the SC-1, less expensive and matches better. sounds better even on its side.
Okay, I'm back. If you are doing 5-channel and can do this, get some new NHT iW2s and put them above the couch to the inside of the windows, at about 5' +/-. If you go to 7-channel in the future, you can to iW2s and put those at the midpoint in the room (if you can get genuine 7-channel processing). At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it....
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