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FS: NHT Speakers, AMC 3100a Integrated Amplifier, HK AVR330 Receiver

Moving overseas and need to sell a bunch of gear.
Prices listed are what I think they're worth ... but I'll entertain any reasonable offers, and may the highest bidder win! Some of this I'm not really sure what it's worth ...

Everything is in 'very good' to 'excellent' condition -- i.e., works & sounds great, with a couple of cosmetic scuffs, nothing serious.

1. AMC 3100a Multimedia 100W 2-Channel Integrated Amplifier - $150 - can't find remote control
2. Pair of NHT SuperTwo's, made in California, not China, piano black - $600
3. Pair of NHT SuperZero's, white - $250
4. Trio of NHT SuperOne's (from a surround setup), piano black - $60 each, $150 for all three
5. Harman Kardon AVR 330 7.1 channel surround receiver - $150 - no remote control, but works with a cheap RCA universal remote - sounds great, but the volume knob is a bit twitchy


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