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I'm mapping out the Niles GXR2 system that I want to use. It has 12 channels and six zones and is rated at 55w per channel at 8 ohms and 85w per channel at 4 ohms. A few questions:

1. Could I run two rooms with 2 speakers a piece (master bedroom and bathroom) such that the load is 4 ohms (run 2 sets each in series and then parallel the sets)? I don't see why not - but with the overall load of 4 ohms (85w), each speaker would just have a max of 21w... will this be enough? The house isn't huge by any means but I still don't want to have it maxed out all of the time.

2. I'll have in-wall Niles control panels at each of the zones, but for areas like the garage and outdoors, can I use an outdoor rated in-wall volume control? I believe it is just hooked up in-line with that branch of speakers.

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