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Hey Guys,


I am really pulling my hair out on this one and would really really really like your guys help...



I run a restaurant with multiple rooms, we subscribe to DMX (pandora for business) which streams music in each of the four dinning rooms.


To split the audio, the DMX device hooks up to the Yamaha Receiver and the amplified signal is then routed to the Niles SSVC4


DMX-> Yamaha Receiver -> Niles SSVC4 


Each room only has 1 speaker so to be able to control the volume in each room, I hook up ONLY 1 channel for each output on the Niles SSVC-4. According to the manual  http://www.nilesaudio.com/images/PDF/SSVC_manual.pdf , I set the impedance to 3/4 since I am using all 4 channels (albeit only the LEFT channel) on the SSVC-4.


What I am noticing is that the receiver keeps turning off after a period of time.  Is my impedance setting not correct?



From the manual:


"Calculating the Impedance Magnification Setting

Use the following instructions to select the correct switch 

setting for the number and type of speakers in your system. 

1. Count the number of pairs of speakers you are connecting

to the system. 

2. Set the Speaker Pairs switch on the rear panel of the 

SSVC-2/4/6 to match the number of pairs of speakers (1, 2,

3/4, 5/6)."





The device I bought:



Niles SSVC4: 







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Thanks for your response Jdsmoothie


The speaker wires in place were installed 10+ years ago, I don't know what kind of speakers they are (as they are high up in the ceiling) but the speaker wires are pretty thin. I will need to find out what speakers they are today.


The amp wires are only connected to the A but using both L (+/-)  and R (+/-) on A. They are then routed to corresponding L(+/-) /R (+/-)  on the Niles.


Speaker 1 -> L (+/-) of Niles speaker 1 outlet, R is not connected

Speaker 2 -> L (+/-) of Niles speaker 2 outlet, R is not connected

Speaker 3 -> R (+/-) of Niles Speaker 3 outlet, L is not connected

Speaker 4 -> R (+/-) of Niles Speaker 4 outlet, L is not connected


I currently have the NIles unit set to 3/4 impedence.


If all else fails, I may just return the NIles Unit and just hook up all 4 speakers to the Receiver A and B and live with the fact I cannot have individual room volume control
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