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I demoed a pair of Niles Stagefront Pro1770 LCR at Magnolia the other day. These have a 7 driver, 1.5 dome midrange, 1 dome tweeter, rated at 70Hz-20KHz +/-3db, 88db sensitivity. They are specifically designed for in-cabinet installations. Here's the link to the Stagefront line of speakers


All three left, center, right were in a cabinet behind a cloth grill. The speakers are hefty and well constructed. They are plain black, but the finish is of very high quality. It was being driven by a Denon receiver.

My first impression was that the sound, music and effects coming from the left and right were very clean, punchy, effortless, maybe a tad on the warm side but not in a bad way (to my ears anyway). You can just tell that these speakers are meant to put out sustained high volume sound for home theatre applications, maybe at the expense of some detail in the midrange. They are clearly designed to be used with a subwoofer, as the low end was lacking.

The dialogue and other sound from the center channel was not right... it did not blend well with the right and left, it felt like a standalone point in space. This was especially apparent while playing a rock concert from the TrueHD demo disc, the vocals were completely by themselves, it simply did not blend correctly with the soundstage. My first thought was that it was a setup problem. Sure enough, when I checked behind the cloth grill, the center channel's tweeter array was mis-oriented, it was aligned horizontally remember these speakers have the ability to turn the tweeter assembly vertically when installing as a center by removing four screws. I think this issue made a huge difference in the dispersion and simply did not blend well with the left and right. Unfortunately, the staff knew nothing about this and didn't seem willing to change it, and I didn't get to audition these speakers properly.

The also had the Pro2870 in the store. Unfortunately, these were not connected or setup for auditioning. These speakers are massive! These would fit right into a large dedicated home theatre.

The matching surrounds Pro770FX are quite the speaker. They have a 12volt dipole/bipole relay for automatic switching.

Any other owners or reviewers of these speakers? I'd like to hear your opinions.
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