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I am trying to find a pair of in-wall speakers under $200 (shipped). I need them to work as surround speakers with my Energy RVS fronts. The RVS have a classic Canadian sound -- uncolored and very neutral. They have dual 5 1/4" woofers with a aluminum tweeter. I've looked for used Paradigms (or similar) and cannot find anything. I may upgrade whatever I get, but for now just need to stay within my budget. Here is what I've fund online:

$180 Niles HD5 5-1/4" ??

$120 HTD AL-W65 6-1/2" w/ aluminum tweeter

$180 Dayton 300-025 5-1/4" w/ titanium tweeter

$160 A/D/S C600iw 6-1/2"

I wish I could hear them first, but I cannot and that is why I'm asking for help. I'm leaning towards the HTD due to the aluminum tweeter and a few good reviews on their bookshelf speakers, however the price has me concerned. The A/D/S and Niles are also of much interest because the retail for much more, but I hope the are not knock-offs of the real deal. Have you heard any of these or can you speculate? Thanks.

(Sorry for the dual-posting. I put the other post in the wrong area)
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