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I have a Nile ZR-8630 multi-zone system that was in the home when I recently purchased it. There are speaker pairs in 5 rooms. 3 of those have a rotary volume knob which does not work. The other two have keypads (one Solo and one Select) which do work. I believe the keypads were installed with a new system that must have replaced the original system and only the two rooms with keypads were made functional at that time.

Assuming the 3 rooms with volume knobs have 2 pairs of speaker wire running to/from the AV room to the knob...and there is 4-pair twisted cable to the keypads from the AV room.....

Any suggestions on a relatively inexpensive solution to get at least one of the other rooms working? I would consider pulling the whole system and selling it...replacing it with something else if that's the best solution. I only use 2 sources on the 8630, the built-in FM receiver and I have an Apple Airport plugged into it to ac
cess my iTunes library.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm very green to this and it seems overly complicated so I could use some help...

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