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OFFICIAL LINK: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/corporate/release/en/2015/150317/index.html
WSJ.com: http://www.wsj.com/articles/nintendo-opens-door-to-smartphone-games-1426579567

You read that right: Nintendo has officially announced support for mobile, and during a conference this morning (UTC+09:00) detailed a plan to partner with Japanese smartphone mobile giant DeNA.

This is not the Ninten-DS-phone. Thank [non-offensive deity]!

What this announcement IS:
  • The two companies will develop NEW games for phones and smart devices, using Nintendo’s intellectual property
  • All Nintendo IP's are eligible for use. The official statement: "All Nintendo [intellectual property] will be eligible for development and exploration by the alliance"
  • This new platform will be unique to mobile hardware. Iwata confirmed specifically that this new focus will absolutely not compromise any Ninty IP, aka introduce bad controls or poor performance
  • DeNA will work with Nintendo to establish a multi-device membership service that runs across smartphones, tablets and PCs for these new games. Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS systems will access the same network. There's a very promising possibility of a web/eShop combo, probably akin to buying Steam games on mobile that you'll play later on your PC/Steambox
  • Players will have a unified account that spans every platform available (hence the end of Club Nintendo)
  • The new platform is set to launch fall 2015 (territories not confirmed, however)
  • Nintendo is taking a 10 percent stake in DeNA, while DeNA is buying 1.24 percent of Nintendo

What this is NOT:
  • Games WILL NOT be straight ports. At least not yet...
  • Nintendo IS still in the business of dedicated, unique software systems. This is not any kind of hybrid software solution
  • There's no confirmation for using Amibos on your smart device. TBD
  • This isn't a brag thread. But when we're all seeing my beautiful Nintend-ystopia realized, everyone who supports my AVS class action suit gets 500 Rupees!! (terms and conditions may apply. Check local listings. Not available in all areas.)

A quote, directly from Iwatasan:

Satoru Iwata said:
"While this is not something directly relating to the collaboration that we have announced today, here is one thing I would like to mention to avoid any misunderstandings;

Nintendo has decided to deploy its video game business on smart devices but it is not because we have lost passion or vision for the business of dedicated video game systems. On the contrary, now that we have decided how we will make use of smart devices, we have come to hold an even stronger passion and vision for the dedicated video game system business than ever before. Nintendo has made this decision because we have concluded that the approach of making use of smart devices is a rational way for us to encourage even more people around the world to recognize the great value of the wonderful game software available on our dedicated game systems.

As proof that Nintendo maintains strong enthusiasm for the dedicated game system business, let me confirm that Nintendo is currently developing a dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept under the development codename “NX.” It is too early to elaborate on the details of this project, but we hope to share more information with you next year"

BONUS: PROJECT NX is officially announced!!!

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I'm glad that they will be supporting/fleecing this market. I just hope that like their support of figurines for geeks and a few younger kids, that they funnel that revenue to fund the development of worthwhile projects.

More interesting to me, even though it was already a given from the start, is that new dedicated hardware is under development. And in a roundabout way, it can be interpreted to support the rumors and hopes that Nintendo will be having a merging of the ways, since only one new platform was mentioned.

And I said this at another forum a while back, but to silence their critics that think there's a magic fix, and take advantage of Nintendo 'fans' that like them so much that they won't buy the hardware to play these experiences, I'd like to see Virtual Console downloads on the competition.

Nintendo was the one that changed the industry away from platform holders also being 3rd party developers/publishers on the competition, and could be the one that changes it again. Their handheld and console lines only need current and semi current releases to be exclusives.

The 8-64 bit era from Nintendo, available as downloads on competing platforms, is just easy money and will help pacify some of the so called experts that are critical at times of Nintendo.

I don't see it causing any damage to Nintendo hardware sales. If anything, reminding people of how much they love Nintendo by making past experiences like Link to the Past as widely available as possible, will just encourage sales of Nintendo hardware.

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Coming soon to a mobile phone near you, Link: Faces of Evil, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, Mario is Missing and Mario's Time Machine!

Nintendo has allowed third party licensees to use their I.Ps. for other platforms before and as the above joke illustrates, the results were infamous because those licensees were clueless. Maybe if Nintendo actually gets itself involved it could be successful but Nintendo's usually the lazy one in any partnership, which if I recall corectly, is part of the reason Squaresoft never teamed up with them again after Super Mario R.P.G: Legend of the Seven Stars.

Let's wait to see what's actually done with this before we start conjecture upon the possibility upon the end of the world due to an unprecedented circumstance...

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Based on what Iwata has said they're not targeting anything like traditional Nintendo games, and I tend to believe that. His comments around maintaining high levels of quality for these games, not negatively impacting the franchises and altering gameplay mechanics have been pretty clear, so to me it sounds like they'll utilize more common mobile interface and game sensibilities but with a Ninty IP theme.

I honestly expect to see a lot of Pokemon (it's already based on grinding so fans won't mind), not just things like Pokemon Shuffle (but that will definitely come), as well as Puzzle & Dragons Mario Bros type match-3, and like Leo said a few Mario Party-style minigame collections (like the memory card game, maybe a balance minigame, counting goombas or something) and maybe a tower defense type game in the vein of Dylan's Rolling Western or a rhythm type game ala Donkey Konga but simpler. Things like that could easily translate to mobile and touch/tilt controls, and offer a free level or two with additional levels being behind a paywall.

If there is any kind of runner or platforming game released I'd bet we'll see a single button kind of game. Something simple to do without physical buttons, but still faithful to Nintendo.

I'll still wait to see how well they execute this- Pokemon Shuffle is downright annoying, and even though you CAN technically beat it without paying, very few people are going to spend the time and energy to actually do so. Micro transactions have made it easy to pay to win and people are obviously willing to spend money on mobile games, so despite Iwata's expressed intent of using this primarily to drive interest in Nintendo property and lead people to their dedicated systems, when the opportunity comes to make easy money... they're gonna take it. And that may sour the experience for some of us gamers.

I don't think Ninty will get out of the hardware business, but it's quite possible that dedicated systems could take a backseat in the near future. I also wonder if they'll have their games downloadable directly from the App Store/Play Store, or simply have some kind of "Nintendo Mobile Account App" available in the download stores, where you then purchase games and upgrades from inside the app. I can't see Nintendo just signing up to give Apple 30% of revenues... That idea would make more sense with the unified account system they announced as well, something more akin to what Steam is doing than Rovio.
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