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Current specs:

Gaming machine with two GTX 460's in SLI.

Both have DVI and HDMI.

What I'm attempting to do is have my 42LG70 accept an input refresh rate of 120hz from my video card. When I connect the video card to the LCD using either HDMI or a DVI-D Windows can read the TV as an LG TV but I can only select either 30hz refresh rate or 60hz refresh rate as the maximum for a 1080p resolution.

I've looked online for any suggestions from what I've read 60hz is the only possible resolution for input and from there the TV could upconvert it to 120hz. I looked at LGE.com's site and there wasn't any downloads for drivers or firmware updates.

My end goal is to attempt to setup my PC and game at 120fps but from what it looks like I'm not able to do it. Does anyone have suggestions on getting 120hz or game at 120fps from this LCD?
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