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Little surprised there is no 7MC faq or pinned thread. It would be nice to have a thread with known issues, workarounds, add-ons, etc.

One issue I recently had to work around was a "video error" message in media center when trying to view DVDs. I had finally installed a retail copy of W7 and forgot about this problem when I had the RC.

I found this error to happen when connecting with HDMI for both video and audio output, at least when using a Intel G35 board. There are 2 workarounds to use:

1. In MCE, go to the general settings and disable the navigation sounds. OR

2. Use non HDMI audio output such as digital coax or optical, set this as default in control panel.

Another bug I've found is in the Movies library in 7MC, it does not alphabetize properly when sorting by genre. It will lump titles beginning with "The" in with the T's instead of the proper method. It only does this when sorting by genre.

Looking forward to a pinned FAQ of some kind for 7MC!
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