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No Audio on Universal 4k with ARC to Yamaha

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I am using a Sony A9G with Arc to my Yamaha RX-A810 from a Sony UBP-X700. I have played a few 4k blu rays with no issues. Tonight I had no sound issue issue with 2 universal 4k blu rays - Field of Dreams and Apollo 13. Jaws works fine. The menu system has sound, the universal logo has sound, but when the movie starts, I get no sound. The audio options only allow different languages, DTS-X is the only format. Oddly, the bonus audio commentary will play if selected. Not sure what the issue is. I figured ARC can't pass DTS-X and since my receiver can't do eARC, that was the issue. The player a 2nd hdmi output just for audio. I ran a 2nd hdmi cable to the AVR and turned on the option to send audio through it. Still no audio. No matter what setting I use on the avr, it won't play sound. Any ideas? On a another note, if I change the speakers to TV internal, the sound plays through the TV. So, the player is reading the audio and sending it to the TV. The TV can play it, but can't send it to the AVR. If I send the audio straight to the AVR, still no sound.
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Side note. The digital copy plays and sounds fine when streaming from moviesanywhere app on the TV.
Both of the problem movies have a DTS HD MA / DTS:X based soundtrack and your setup will be using the embedded legacy DTS within that as that receiver doesn't have EARC. I would try asking in the Sony TV and X700 owner threads if others can send DTS lossy over ARC. You will get better sound quality with a 4K bluray player which supports dual hdmi outputs as that will allow you to send lossless audio to your receiver.

Probably worth the usual check for firmware updates on all 3 devices too.
Thanks for the feedback. I was able to get audio to the AVR by using the 2nd HDMI for audio. Not sure why it wasn't working last night? It still won't pass through ARC.
The simple solution to my problem - Each input on the TV has it's own settings. Under audio, setting passthrough to "auto" allows it to send the DTS track to my AVR. It was set to off.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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