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no basement anymore, what to do with mits hd1000

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I just moved to an upstairs condo with lots of windows and white everything. I do have a nice wall to either paint or hang a screen. Alternatively to using this wall, I would put up a pull-down screen in front of one of the larger windows (this would both shut out the single largest light source in the room and, I hope, gain me some quality by having a commercially engineered screen) My main question is what is the most versatile option for me here? I was happy with a neutral gray rectangle in a dark basement before but now I have the dilemma of balancing my nice well-lit living area with a decent projection image. I will be able to make the room dark if I need to (I plan on putting BOC curtains in each window) but I don't want to make it a practice of shutting out the light just to turn on the PJ and watch some casual TV or play some video games during the day.


My budget would be about $500 for the screen and another maybe 200-300 for a ceiling mount which I need to drop about 4 or 5 feet from an angled vaulted ceiling. I'll be shooting for something around 100" diagonal image. Like I state above, I can spend some money on a screen but I really lean towards painting the wall if that will work in a high light environment. It worked so well in my basement that I still have a hard time believing that the money for those screens is worth whatever benefits my be realized.


My standards aren't super high. The Mitsubishi HD1000 has done me well even over the last 11 months when I had it shone on a crumby white wall in a basement with very little ambient light. Basically I would like to be able to see an image that is bright enough to functionally play PS3 games during the day or view a daytime sporting event in a room with quite a bit of light. I realize I would have to drop the BC over the biggest windows to dim the room somewhat but when it comes down to it, there will still be quite a bit of light during a lot of my usage time. I don't understand gain that much but it sounds like a high power would not be in my interest because I definitely do not want a narrow viewing cone.
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Where will the projector be place, on a table or on the ceiling. How big will the screen be? How wide is the seating area? The Dalite HP screen is a great choice if you have a small seating area directly behind a table mounted projector (HD1000 has no lens shift so mid level shelf mount is out)
Ceiling mounted. somewhere in the 100 " diagonal neighborhood. seating area 8-10 foot wide.

Originally Posted by fleedermouse /forum/post/20806195

Ceiling mounted. somewhere in the 100 " diagonal neighborhood. seating area 8-10 foot wide.

HP is not an options with a ceiling mount.
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