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Not sure if this is the right spot for this...

I'm currently using an audigy 2zs with windows 7 64bit. I'm using spdif coax out to my logitech z5500. for some reason, I cannot get DVDs to output DTS or dolby signalling, it's just outputting in stereo mode. (i have a DVD iso of a bunch of thx and dts demos). I've tried in VLC and media player with no success. I have vlc set to use spdif out but no dice.

I remember having to use ac3filter before to get this working in winxp. I tried ac3filter but there's no change in vlc, and in media player I just get these static click sounds.

any thoughts? the creative console is set to use spdif out. all audio is working fine but I can't get the digital audio feeds out of the dvd iso.
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