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No DTS with DC-1 with Software 4.0

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Hi folks,

I have a DC-1 with the new Sotware 4.0 and it

allows all modes but not the DTS. Pressing the DTS button returns DTS option not installed. So what is needed to make that unit a DTS unit and what is the approx. price. Thanks
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Did the unit have dts to begin with? If it didnt then you need the dts option. I dont know about pricing.

- Jerry

yep, you need the DTS card, $495 from a Lexicon dealer. of course that's in the US, i don't know about Germany.

you should know that you have to do progressive upgrades. the DTS card will only work if you already have the THX and DD cards already.



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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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