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HDTV MAGAZINE reports by E-Mail that the Victoria's Secrets Fashion Show will not be shown in HD contrary to the HDTV listing on the CBS website.
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IF true..

This brings up a point. CBS should be ashemed . They are Pathetic. Period.. Why? Not because they are not showing it in HD ( though that is annoying) but because they show no initiative to make their public website accurate. And if they do then their attempts are nothing short of incompetent

Their website has had HD listing mistakes on a regular basis for at least a year now. Do they care? Nope, not judging from there actions.

And we know that there are CBS websites that are accurate that we no longer can gain access too.

CBS should somehow make the relevant information they use to program the internal website available to teh mangers of teh public website. If one website can be accurate then both can be..

I know this will be thought unreasonable, but the cbs defenders and apologists can save it. Nothing will change teh fact, the hd listing errors on the CBS website time and time again do show some sort of a lack of caring about their hd viewers. Yes it is a small thing, but it being left rectified for this long is truly ridiculous, and does show a lack of caring..

Hopefully the website is correct and I will have to eat my words; at least in this case. :)
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forget about their website.... i've actually SEEN commercial ads airing on TV STATING that the victoria's secret show would be simulcast in HD.

now, that's just plain false advertising! imagine all the people who do NOT read this forum but saw the ad and are watching the show just because they think it's gonna be in HD.

that's really lame. so lame, that i almost think that they will in fact air it in HD *crosses fingers*

I've never seen any commercials stating that Monkey. I sure hope you are sure about that.

As far as what Tony said. I agree 100%. It is rediculous to not keep such simple content up to date on their website.
Nevertheless, we can hope that the picture quality (even if 4:3 and not HD) will be superior to that seen on regular TV's when seen on DTV.

As far as "simulcast in HD", well that is a stretch. SD footage shot at 4:3 but shown on 1080i on their digital channels is certainly not HD.

However I point out that last year's show presented on ABC was also shot at 4:3 (actually, it looked more like 14:9) but was super-clear and with gorgeous color when shown on ABC-DT (upconverted from network-720p to 1080i in Dallas by the local affiliate).

Sure, I'd prefer to see it in "true HDTV" but I am guessing it will still look very good on CBS-DT, unless they used ordinary SD cameras in which case it will look like crap.

My hunch is that they used good cameras. Look, "Survivor" is not shot in HD either but it still looks glorious on CBS-DT.
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Originally posted by jsirbak

Bob Hess - Over on the programming thread, there are a lot of conflicting reports regarding whether the Victoria's Secret fashion show tomorrow night will be in HD. Have you heard anything one way or the other? Thanks.



CBS is delivering it to the stations as 480I upconverted to 1080I.



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Nope !:(
Awful camera work... shots seem to last 1/4 - 1 1/2 seconds before cutting to another angle. Primary focus on faces.

I thought it was the lingerie that was for sale. Why not show that off?

I'm dizzy! Very distracting. I preferred the ABC camera work last year.
To add insult to injury...No HD for you...or me....or anyone :(
What a ripoff and the camera work is horrible!!!!
No HD. Poor camera focus. Spotlights flashing. Cameras jumping from one angle to another. Blury! Lights down the side of runway cause the blury, glitzy picture. Would have looked terrible in HD. In 45 minutes, so far we have had 11 minutes of blury runway time. Boooooo CBS, The whole show sucks!
Shots are either overhead (from the blimp!), or from 200 feet away, or centered on face or 1/4 upper body. Moving cameras seem to be buzzing or vibrating or something... focus is poor, and at only 1/4-second per shot I can't even get my eyes to stabilize on whatever it is that I'm supposed to be looking at.

They will NOT sell a lot of lingerie this year. I hardly even had a chance to see any lingerie, except from a mile away.

Gets the award for worst camera work of any live/award show in recent memory.
terrible terrible camera work... SUCKED!!!!!

didn't even get to see any lingerie! wasn't that the whole point of the show?

however, adriana lima is hooooootttt!!!!!!:D

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