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I just bought the Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 720

I have an xbox 360 and a Samsung BDP-1500 with the latest firmware.

1. No matter if i set the Samsung to 720p or 1080i the Epson will not produce a signal or image. I can turn on the Samsung it will display the logo and then flicker and then the projector goes black and displays no signal. I have tried it several ways. Turning on the projector first then the player and vice versa. Same result.

To troubleshoot it I hooked up the 360 via HDMI and I get absoultely nothing not even a flicker.

Both are straight to the project via HDMI and both get no signal.

Component works fine and so does the PC input. But when i goto info on the menu it says that the component Resolution is 750p not 720p when im running the 360 though it, yet the PC says im running 1280x720 which is correct.

I just got this projector Friday and have yet to see blu-ray on it. I am at a loss if its the cable which is 25ft-30ft or the HDMI input on the projector.

Any help would be appreciated as I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with this problem. I have even hooked up my old Panasonic PT-AE900U which will do HDMI fine with the Samsung, it will even flicker and pick the signal right back up. I bought the Epson to replace the Panasonic.
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