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no HTIB for me! please help!

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I need so much help I don't know where to start. I've decided to piece together my HT system instead of going with a YAMAHA HTIB setup.

This is what I need:

DVD Player


2 front free standing speakers (since I have no place to mount or place them)

3 small rear speakers (right, left, back center) (I have the physical place to store them - book shelf behind sofa)

1 sub

obviously 1 center.

So far this is what I've come up with:

2 front speakers: Athena Technologies 3-1/2" Slim Tower Home Theater Speakers (Pair) Model: WS-100

Center Channel: Athena Technologies Home Theater Speaker with 3-1/2" Woofers (Each) Model: WS-60

2 rear speakers: Athena Technologies Satellite Speakers (Pair) Model: WS-15

sub: Athena Technologies Audition Series 10" 400-Watt Powered Subwoofer Model: AS-P4000

I need help finding a DVD player preferably with a built-in tuner and a good receiver. I also don't know which rear center speaker to use?

This will all be going onto the commercial panny EDTV 8uk. My budget is $6-700

Any suggestions?
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Athena Speakers are very nice.

You I've just upgraded to those from a HTIB. You also might look at the SVS PB10 for a sub. www.svsound.com

It's pricey but everyone raves about it. Black is backordered but they have other colors in stock. I have a black ordered that should arrive in mid-june.

You also might check out the Athena B1.2's for fronts and C.1 for the center. The R1.2 is a good speaker if you have the room. I didn't so I went with the B1.2's for surrounds.
^it is a bit pricey and actually now that I finally calculated the pieces in my post, they'll end up WAY over my budget. It's so difficult finding all the right pieces.
for the speakers, atheans are the best bang for the buck but you might want to consider going with the Audition series in place of the WS series. That will save you some $$ give you much better sound IMO.
Thanks! Is there any particular online place that sells them? Also do you think it will be overkill to buy a very godo pair of front speakers like the ws series and just get "ok" speakers everywhere else? Also, I can't seem the find the dayton sub everyone's talking about!?? I am SOO lost.
I got my athena's from audioadvisor.com and my sub from the link above.
 www.audioadvisor.com has the B1.2 on sale, but even @ that price a complete setup will go over the budget.

Though if you went with 2 x B1.2s + 1 C1.2 + 2x Micras + 1 AP4000 you'd be right @ the price point you're looking for (sans receiver) & you'd have something pretty good.

www.partsexpress.com is the source for Dayton subs. Main page -> lower left "Subwoofer HQ" -> home subwoofers -> finished subwoofers

Of course if it were me I'd start with a 3.1 system. This would allow you to get the reciever & DVD player.............you can always add the sats later.

Then there's this option -

A set of Level II's from HTD w/ a center channel ( www.htd.com )

Subwoofer from PartsExpress

You're in the area of $400 which leaves you $200 for a reciever. Check www.shoponkyo.com & you can find the TX-502 or TX-503 for under that. Now all you need is a DVD player - check local, you should be well under $100 (& that will tide you over until the HD format wars shake out).
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I agree with baiey. A 3.1 system that will get you the speakers you will want to keep right now is much better than springg for a full 5.1 system that you'll be saying "what if" in a couple of months and want to upgrade.

Unless space is an issue I would go for the audition series rather than the ws from athena. You'll get better sound and a bigger speaker for less money.

Partsexpress.com has the dayton sub. they have the 12" version right now for 150. you can also find the athena as-p4000 for 150. Both are good subs IMO the best at this price point. The dayton 12" vs 10" for the athean will probably go a little lower and give you a better HT experience. I've got the asp-4000 though and I'm very happy with it.
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