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No OSD from Samsung DVI @ 1080i??!?

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I'm a little puzzled by the behavior of the Samsung SIR-T351 I just installed. The manual indicates that On Screen Display menus/guides are disabled in the composite and SVHS outs when the resolution is set to 1080i, and indeed this seems to be true. However, the OSDs are also inactive when using the DVI output! This seems truly bizarre...how are we expected to control and adjust the receiver when using this output @ 1080i?

Between this and the serious audio dropouts when using Dolby Digital out, I think the Samsung will be heading back to the store.
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I had same problem but figured out why. Here is what happen.

We all know the manu on 1080i shift too much left that everybody trying to get it to centered. I tried to do that. But, while I am moveing it to right, I push the down key few times as well. That is one press too many. The next time I power the unit up I lost OSD on 1080i. It is was with RGB. However, the component works fine. The 480i, 408p works fine too (my HDTV does not do 720p). I try few power cycles but can't get it back. I gaveup, change the cable to component. Well, I did the same trick (or should say mistake) again. Lost it on component too. But this time I remembered what I did last. Now, I counted key sequence, move in blind, got to the positioning menu. I press up key few times. Hey there, the menu came back.

I beleive what happen is the programmer forgot the check the boundary condition on vertical move ( I am not sure about horizontal, shich will be the left). When the position counter moves beyend zero, it became a negative value. In the computer sense it changes to the maximum number of the count can be (which may way beyend the screen size). Menu is there but you just can not see it. This can be prove by press the menu key and try to change channel with number key pad. It didn't change because it still in the menu mode. Press exit then it backs to normal. The component and RGB must have independent counter for each.

Now, you can get to a mode that you still has menu. Remember the key sequence to get you the positioning menu. Repeate that in the 1080i. Hope you can get yours back.

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Between this and the serious audio dropouts when using Dolby Digital out
I just got this issue fixed on mine, sent into repair works now with my Yamaha receiver. Based on talking to tech support I think it has to do with what brand receiver is being used with the t351.
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