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So my desktop that was destined to become my HTPC has crapped out. I installed Media Center on alaptop that I wasn't using, but ther is no S3 option in BIOS(and therefore no option to Wake-On). There is an option in Control Panel Power Mgt to have the computer go into standby when I press the On/Off switch. I just bought an HDTV and am really new at this. Can I use a Harmony remote to turn this computer on and off and get basic mouse and enter key funtions?

On another note, whenever I start media center I get an error message saying that my video card or it's driver is not compatible with Media Center(I have the most recent driver). Otherwise, It seems to work fine. Is there a registry tweak I can do o disable the eror message from appearing everytime I start Media Center?

Thanks, in advance.

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