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Hello, I recently purchased the sony ct500. I finally got around to watching a blue ray movie on it. For some reason when I have all the settings for 5.1 I do get sound. However I do not hear anyone talking. This also happened while playing NHL10 i hear all the sound effects but no play by play. I went into the PS3 sound settings and switching the audio multi channel from off to on. This fixed the video game, but still no sound from the blue ray movie. While reading the manual I noticed the ct500 doesn't support dolby true HD format so i changed the movie settings to 5.1. Still can't hear the actors speaking. Any suggestions on how to fix this one.

**** my DTV dvr works just fine. both the ps3 and DVR are connected via hdmi to the ct500 then one hdmi cable is running to the TV. LG lh55 240hz.
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