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So I just bought a Pioneer VSX-823 to complete the home theater.


Primary usage will be for my HTPC to play movies. The problem is I can not seem to get the AVR to play any sounds when the HTPC is set to the input device. If I set the HDMI mode to PASS for pass through the TV plays all the sounds as I would expect, I can not get a peep out of the AVR. I hooked up an Xbox 360 and it works great, the Tuner functions all work so it seems the AVR hates my HTPC. I have tried playing things that are strait Stereo (MP3s), actual DVDs, ripped DVDs and nothing works. I am using Linux and XBMC as the bases for the HTPC. Am I missing some digital format compatibility mode? Will this thing only work with Windows? If I had any hair I would have pulled it out 2 days ago! The manual has been no help at all.


Last ditch effort will be to install Windows on the HTPC to see if it works at all. Even then I may be doing a return later today for a different receiver. In that event is there something in the same price range that can be recommended that will work with Linux/XBMC? And yes Linux is far superior for a HTPC so I really would hate to go to windows (I have built one for a friend and when he has troubles all I need to do is a little SSH magic).




200hr Wonder.


PS Thanks for such a great forum so far I have found answers to many a question!
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