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I hope I explain this correctly. We just got our Samsung UN65F9000 4K HDTV last week so we are still learning...We have a Marantz receiver with all the surround speakers and only have the HDMI cable hooked into the box that came with the TV. I have all the accounts set up and wireless is working. I thought I'd try to watch a movie from Amazon Prime and for some reason I only get sound from what is on the TV. Is there something on the TV I need to change? We only have the one hdmi. Is there a setting on the Marantz receiver? I shouldn't need to change it to DVD like I did before when I wanted to watch Netflix through the Bluetooth on the Blu-ray DVD player do I?

I hope someone can explain how to get the sound to work. I'd have to assume that I couldn't use Netflix either without changing something. It is probably a simple setting for those of you that know what you are doing and I apologize in advance for my ignorance.

Thanks in advance for your time!B]Terri
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