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Hi All,

I have the weirdest problem. I Have 42LG70, I have htpc Vista 64, core i7,

Sapphire 5850, DVI-VGA to TV. Since this week when I bought the video card, when I press power button on my remote for TV, tv turns off, the light in front of tv goes red, after 30 second, the light goes to blue, but no picture on tv, I have to press the power button again to get a picture.

I didnt have this problem with my last video card, so I figure it must be sending some kind of a signal telling the tv to come on. I have heard this sort of problem with hdmi, but not vga to TV. I have searched everywhere and everything and no clue what could be wrong. I have until Tuesday to return the exchange the video card without going to RMA. So if for some reason it is faulty, I would rather know now. Btw, nothing else is wrong with the video card.

I hope I explained it well. Any suggestion is welcomed.

Best Regards,

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