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No Sub with Dolby or DTS

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I've got a Denon 2805 and I noticed recently that the subwoofer is shutting off (i.e. it does not get a signal) if I set the amp to Dolby or DTS. However, if I change the amp to 5-channel stereo, I get plenty of bass. Using the amp's onscreen configuration, I can indeed see that my sub works.

The manual says that the sub should work if the speaker is turned on in the configuration settings... and it is.

Can anyone help me diagnose this problem? I've got a new outlaw subwoofer that I don't want to go to waste.
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I have the same model Denon so let's run through the basics:

1. All speakers set to "small"

2. Crossover set to 80hz

3. Subwoofer set to "yes"

4. Calibration done on all speakers, including sub, using an SPL meter and some type of test tone

5. Optical connection from DVD player to receiver

6. DVD player set to output Dolby and DTS bitstream
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1. check

2. check

3. check

4. check

5. check - coaxial if that makes a difference

6. check - although previously I did not have it set on bitstream.

FWIW, I see that the manual for the 2805 has 3 Dolby modes listed, and 2 DTS. I can only get the reciever to be one of either by selecting the "Cinema" mode button.

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#5 Coaxial is fine

#6 that should make a difference

Point the remote at the receiver and press the "Ch-Select/Enter" button in the middle of the circle. As you cycle through the various channel levels, what is the one for the subwoofer reading?

Also on the remote, when playing a DD DVD you can press the "Surround Parameter" to select different Dolby surround options options such as "Matrix" "Non-Matrix", etc. What is available will be dependent upon the specific DVD. For example, if encoded, you will have the option for Dolby Digital -EX. You can also "layer" Prologic IIx on top of the sound if you like (assuming you have the full compliment of 7.1 speakers).

Is your sub outputting a signal when you listen to the tuner? If yes, then the problem may be back in the DVD player. Is there a option in the DVD player setup menu for speakers that gives the option of subwoofer Yes/No?
When the loudspeakers are set to Small..

The subwoofer is forced ON..

Or at least it should be...
The Subwoofer was at -4.5db. When I switched to the tuner, the SW was not getting a signal until I increased the input to +0db and above. Then the sub was on.

Using deductive reasoning, I thought this would be my problem with watch DVDs, so I increased the sub input to +2db... and even to the max range but it never turned on.

The DVD player does have an option for configuring speakers, and the sub is enabled... however, when I go to test the speaker configuration thru the dvd player, I don't hear anything. I'm assuming this is because the sound is routed thru the amp and not directly from the DVD player.

So... then I checked again with the dvd player's manual and it said that when the speakers are configured for "small", the bass is routed to the sub. That made me remember what you asked with step #1... but I realized that when I ran thru the auto-test program in the amp, it set the speakers back to large. Fixing that, and I've got my bass again.

Thanks for working thru this with me...
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MCode... thanks... you hit the nail on the head... exactly the problem I had
Originally Posted by stale
MCode... thanks... you hit the nail on the head... exactly the problem I had
What are you talking about? Back in post 3 you said you had them set to small.

I did have them set to small... then the denon auto-tuning function set them back to large when I ran thru step 4
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