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No TV Audio with AIW 9600 Pro and Revolution 7.1

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Im finally putting my HTPC together, and I have the Revo sending my audio through the S/PDIF connector to my receiver.

Works great, I get the audio from system sounds, Winamp, and Zoomplayer (both DVD and media) and everything appears to be working well. Except...

I have the audio connector from the 9600 connected to the line-in on the Revo but when watching TV I get no audio at all. Even while going through the Audio initialization wizard, the line-in/microphone option is greyed out!

So I can watch TV, but I cant hear it. Which does me no good. :)

Ive had no luck so far troubleshooting this, so if anyone can help I'll be appreciative.

On an unrelated note, Im new to this TV Tuner stuff, but.. I have a Comcast Digital Cable box plugged into the AIW through Coax and can watch the stations if I keep the ATI software on Ch. 3, but Id like to set it up so that the individual channels will be associated with the tuner's individual channels...?

Unrelated, and far less important than my main issue, but hey, just in case anyone knows. :)
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The Revo does not seem to support using the Line-In (monitoring) function via SPDIF.

I had a previous post regarding a similar question trying to get ASIO as well as my issues with the monitoring functionality working with SPDIF http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...31#post2835831 where I was very smugly "reminded" that there was a "search" function in this forum and that this type of question had been "answered about 100x times in the past six months".

I HAD done searches in this forum and found one or two people that had a "somewhat" answer to my questions.


In my searches of this forum and my own experience I have deduced the following;

You can not use the Line-In to the Revo, monitoring function, and SPDIF output to a receiver. It used to work on the original drivers I had tried on two different motherboards but I have since applied M$ patches and driver updates and this no longer works.

M-Audio says it's not a problem and the monitoring and SPDIF functionality works (based on emails from tech support). I gave up and live with analogue for monitoring and digital for everything else - whatever!!!.

You CAN use the Revo Line-In and the Analogue outs to you're receiver (if you're receiver supports analog inputs) Works fine, but I think the audio quality is not as good as the SPDIF.

You CAN use SPDIF for regular PC/HTPC functionality, including media players (Winamp, Theatertek, J.River's Media Center, etc.,) I'm still trying to get ASIO to work via J River's Media Center. Have not fooled around with that in the past 6 months and since some new updates.

Cliff Watson seems to be the expert on the Revo stuff here - maybe he has some advice - besides "use the search engine". He is very knowledgeable and has excellent posts and I would do a search on his ID for some very good information and in depth Revo information - might not be exactly what you're looking for but it might help.

This is my experience with the Revo. Perhaps others have had more recent success with you're issue specifically. Submitting an issue with the M-Audio site might also help http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=support.contact . They're pretty good at getting back to you
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Thanks for the insight, I appreciate it greatly!

While trying to find a fix yesterday I ran across this thread about the monitoring function being greyed out in the Revo control panel, and after reinstalling the drivers, its available now.

But of course that didnt fix my problem, ATI's initialization wizard still has Line-In greyed out...

I'm truly hoping that this is simply a driver issue, because broken functionality on my new $100 dollar sound card would make me a little upset. :)

I should mention that I rarely post on AVS at all because I usually use the search engine to find my answers, as many do Im sure. But when searching yields no results, well, here I am.

In any event, I found nothing helpful in my searches so I read, page by page, post by post, for 30 pages of this forum. And if someone gave me their self-righteous 'use the search engine' condescension Id be a little miffed. :)

So again, thanks for your help!
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Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for both the Radeon and the Revo, but still no go. If anyone has any insight, please let me know. I really dont want to believe that the Revo simply cant send the line-in information through the S/PDIF.

Here are some other links relating to your issue;





I HIGHLY suggest you submit a problem issue with M-audio (refer to my prior posting) so we can finally get a friggin fix for this very common problem. Something happened during M-Audio driver upgrades that killed this function. It used to work with my original drivers that came on the CD. But with all the Windoze patches, BIOS, and driver patches, I've lost track of the combination that works.

M-Audio NEEDS TO FIX THIS KNOWN PROBLEM. The only way this will happen is if people notify them of their issues.

Dude - I really think you SOL with monitoring via SPDIF - monitoring via analogue does work though so your not totally blown out.
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First off, I am almost ashamed that with the dozens upon dozens of forum searches I made, I never once searched for monitoring. :) But thanks for finding those links.

I sent off a lengthy email to M-Audio and will share their reply with you when I receive it.

Who knows, with a little luck they might actually fix this issue in their next driver update...
Its not a fix to your problem but a way around it until M-Audio provides a fix. I've found that if I switch the tv to TV On Demand mode the sound from the tv will come through the S/PDIF.
See what happens if you Mute the SPDIF in your Volume Control panel. I found it worked as well.

But I MUST ASK YOU to do a test for ME. How much CPU time does TOD require? I've found it's taking 90-100% while LIVE and only 40% if you Pause it for over 5 seconds.

I've also observed simply opening the TV requires 100% CPU for the first 5 seconds reguardless of the TOD setting!

I'm considering a fresh install of WinXP, Catalyst 4.1, MMC 8.8 and Remote Wonder 2.2 as I may have some 'older version' conflict. I' had NO PROBLEMS like this under Catalyst 3.9, MMC 8.7 and RW 2.0... what gives?

AIW 9000Pro, AMD XP 2500+, 512MB, ABIT KD7-RAID

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Well, I finally got a response from M-Audio, but it doesnt help the situation much right now. :)

Yes this is a known issue. I have passed your comments to our testing contact.

Thank you
Ill update this post again if I hear back from them.

Andrew: I cant get TOD to work at all with my current setup, but I havent played with it much yet.
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