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I am having issues getting my HTPC to display video over HDMI to my Harmon Kardon AVR 160 (1600 in USA). If I connect the HTPC to my Yamaha RX-V3900 everything works fine, audio and Video.

The reason I am using the HK is because I am moving the Yamaha to the projector room. I have been through all the settings I can find on the HK with no luck.

HTPC - HDMI - HK160 - Panasonic Plasma

If I plug the HTPC directly to the Plasma it is also fine. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated as I am out of ideas. I have been through all the settings on the HK that I can find and if I plug my HTPC directly in to the TV it is also fine.

The Video Card in the HTPC is a ATI 5450 and was previously a 5770 with same problems.

When the HTPC first posts I can see the bios screen etc but as soon as it starts loading to Windows I get a black screen, it's like the HK doesn't like the output settings.

If I turn the receiver on and off it shows 1080p/60hz as being detected but all I get is a black screen.

I have the HTPC set to 1080p/60hz.

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