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Please help. I've been searching on this and other forums, but still no solution.


- Asus Pundit P1AH2-based HTPC (integrated Geforce 6150 with VGA and DVI out)

- Mitsubishi HD 1000 projector

- 10m HDMI cable

- HDMI-DVI adaptor

I've tested the cable, adaptor, projector and computer seperately, everything works fine, but no picture when they are connected.

I've tested the Mitsubishi with another computer (Geforce 8800 GTS' DVI out) and worked fine, also tested the pundit with my LCD TV but without HDMI converter (Samsung LE27T51B -> DVI input), worked too. Have no other device with HDMI input to test.

It seems that HDMI - compared to DVI - has a kind of additional handshake or something, which doesn't seem to work in my case. However, I had a Sanyo Z4 previously - HDMI input too - and worked perfectly.

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much!
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