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I searched for comments on the L65MkII from Noble Fidelity and didn't find much, so I'm putting a thread here for comments on these speakers.

I needed some new stereo speakers. I have used Dick Sequerra's Pyramid Metronome Met 7s in this room for 30 years and loved every minute of it. But they are ugly, I chose to try in-ceilings to get the speakers out of the corners of the room where they suffer. The room is small with high ceilings (11' wide, 14' long and 11' high). I called Noble Fidelity to see if Greg could help me.

Greg at Noble Fidelity is the customer service guy as several posters have said. Just call. He'll work with you to get what you want.

Greg knows Dick's product and helped me get the kind of sound I expect. He recommended the L65MkII because the L85 would be too big for the room.

Installation was straightforward. Greg helped me place the speakers at the optimal 2:1 position which left them a little too close together for great imaging. Question for you all: the tweeters move on these speakers and Greg recommended I point them at the listener to start with then play around with it as they break in. Fair enough. Have any of you found an optimal pointing for the NF's? I thought about pointing them out to increase the stage, but they're pretty good right now.

My review: very nice. You have to get used to the music coming from the ceiling because with high ceilings the sound still comes from above you. As you back up, the image becomes more normal. On the plus side, you can recline and the music is perfectly placed. Also, the more open placement (out of the corners) really improves the sound, so this is better than what I had before. The Noble Fidelity's really fill the room with sound.

First listen was, of course, "Kind of Blue". The sax and trumpet were right on and the imaging was good. It is getting better as they break in. I tried my favorite organ concertos and found a pleasant surprise. When you go to a cathedral to hear a pipe organ, the pipes are often above you and the ceiling speakers gave that impression. I'd never gotten that from an ear level speaker in this price range before. "The Dark Side of the Moon" plays very nicely on these speakers; the clarity and separation are top notch. I loved listening to the "Great Gate of Kiev". These are really kind of a clear, showy speaker but I think they will age very well because they have a sonic honesty that isn't harsh, just clear. Trumpets sound like trumpets. Flutes sound awesome. The bass is fine for music but it rolls off under 60Hz. The subwoofer takes it down another octave if I have it on. The sub matters for organ bass and Pink Floyd, but there isn't a lot of information way down there in general music.

Another note on the ceiling experience. You will hear them throughout the house much more than you expect. We now have hardwood floor throughout and the speakers are right under you in the bedroom. It isn't unpleasant, but if you intend to have someone sleeping in the room above you while you watch loud movies, I'd think twice about in-ceilings. Find some good headphones instead:)

Overall: an excellent buying experience and a "meets my very high expectations" listening experience. You never know with a speaker until you stick it in the room. With in-ceilings, you take a risk. These speakers disappear into the ceiling and the music pops out and down to create a stage about five feet below them. With my high ceiling and small room, that's a compromise, but not a show stopper by any means. I tried watching a movie with the screen on the wall between them and the sound was placed just right since the screen is about five feet above the ground.
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