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Noise/interference when using component with Onkyo TX-SR605?

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I apologize in advance if this was ever covered in the official Onkyo TX-SR605 forum. I did do a search, but I didn't find anything. The thread is almost 200 pages.

I have a Sony DVD player (older model, but I noticed the same thing with my PS2 and Wii) hooked up through component cables. I then use an HDMI cable to output from the Onkyo to my Samsung LCD TV (4661F). I notice faint, dancing horizontal lines that look like interference. You can see them most clearly on a black screen. This doesn't happen when I use an HDMI cable (tried an Xbox 360), nor does it happen when I hook the DVD player (or PS2 or Wii) directly to the TV. Anyone else notice this? Is it a side effect of the receiver's upscaling/deinterlacing???
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Do you notice it also if you come component out of the AVR to the display?

If not, then yes, I'd say the AVr is adding in one of it's video handling stanges.
Unfortunately I don't have another component cable. I have tons of HDMI though.
I just read somewhere else that it goes away when using component out from the receiver instead of HDMI, so it looks like you're right.
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Just recently I've hooked up my DVD player (tried it with both 480i and 480p outputs) to my 605 through the component and noticed the exactly same issue. 605 is hooked up to the LN-T4665F through HDMI. After that I've switched from component to S-VIDEO between DVD player and 605. The issue reoccurred. When the DVD player is connected directly to the TV there seems to be no noise present. I'm going to call Onkyo's support line and report this problem. Also it appears that the Onkyo doesn't do any de-interlacing. On top of that I saw some white artifacts blinking (480i) especially visible when watching photos from the DVD player.
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