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The message below was posted on aus.tv.digital. The question is if it is aimed at the high end and includes a PVR how will the price compare with the DGTEC, HiTop and other HDTV receivers entering or soon to enter the Australian market in the $350 to $400 range.

And why are these companies not producing inexpensive receivers for the 8-VSB US market? What if they could and there was no cloud of uncertainty hanging over the US market about the future "fixed" 8-VSB standard and what it would be? In other words what if when you bought your HDTV capable monitor the opton of buying an OTA 8-VSB receiver was only $350 and you didn't have to worry about it becoming obsolete soon? How would that affect the adoption of HDTV?

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In reply to all of the above responses, the Nokia is expected to have PVR and many other never before seen

features. I currently have a Nokia 9902s satellite receiver with PVR which will be added to my website next week.

The Nokia 9902s is for digital Satellite reception and not to be confused with the digital terrestrial box due out soon.

This is an excellent unit as I can insert a companies pay tv smart card and record their programmes for playback at a later time. Permission is required from the PAY TV company before doing so.


Richard Taranto www.satworld.com.au

"Richard" <[email protected]> wrote in message

news:[email protected]

We have received notification that Nokia are releasing their HDTV set top box some time in late October/early November.

We will be receiving a demonstraion unit soon so that we can test and evaluate the product for the Australian region. We will also be taking orders for the unit once we receiver confirmation of exact specifications and pricing.

The unit will be aimed at the HIGH end, so we can tell you that it will be of extremely HIGH qaulity and build(like all other Nokia digital tv receivers we carry).

Check out www.satworld.com.au and we should have full details of the new NOKIA HDTV set top box on our website as soon as we receive the demonstration unit.

regards,Richard Taranto - 0402 844 698 www.satworld.com.au
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