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non powered sub for Onkyo 805?

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Can you hook up a non powered sub to the Onkyo 805?

I have one from a HTIB and its all I have until I can purchase a powered one.
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I just got an Infinity non-powered up for my Onkyo 805, will this work untill I can get better?
If it has a speaker level crossover it will work, to varying degrees. Will it be as good as a good powered sub, probably not, but it will work.

Originally Posted by dgjr /forum/post/14031328


because it was free
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Yeah, but if you can't hook it up, you basically have a doorstop.

IIRC, the 805 has an RCA type unamplified preout for the sub channel. All the rest are standard speaker channels, and I doubt a HTIB sub would work well with any of them. Not sure about the Infinity sub. Do you have a picture of the connections available on it?
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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