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I've got a device that outputs a nonstandard resolution by RGB bnc connectors. I won't know for sure for a day or two what the resolution is. I've converted signal to VGA with an Ambery AV1, but when displaying it on an LCD, the bottom 1/4 of the screen or so is cut off (whether the Ambery unit is on VGA, XGA, or WXGA mode). The signal fills the screen horizontally, but that bottom portion of the screen is cut off.

I'm wondering if a cheap video scaler will adjust the image so that there's black bars on the sides and I can somehow get the image to fill the screen vertically.

I've read product pages for different scalers that say they can accept "any resolution" between ___ and ___, but those are always standard resolutions. So I'm not sure if it will take a non-standard resolution without the result being what I currently have.

Any tips?
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