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Noob Alert with Home Theater questions.

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OK I said it I am a total noob when it comes to home theaters and design! I can tell you my experience is very limited as with different components because I normal purchased an out of the box all in one solution.


What I seek is answers to questions that are more than likely on the forum in a dark corner lurking but I have specific equipment that I hope people have or are using and have some tweaks they could share.


Now to the list:

Samsung Ultra-thin 40" model 3680 3D with built in WiFi.


Pioneer VSX1023 Reciever

Pioneer BDP-62FD

Definitive Technologies ProCinema 800


Now I have everything connected together via HDMI but the TV had to have an optical connection to the receiver for the applications on the TV for sound?


One issue is when I attempt to setup the receiver and speakers I cannot find the display channel with the menus?


This is a small room where everything is setup and placement of speakers are not optimal but ok for now.


Can the receiver remote power and switch all of the appliances?


I have read and re-read the instructions but cannot seem to get this system configured without using 5 different remotes. By the time I think I have it together I am then frustrated by zones and such.


Maybe I should sell it all and go back to a box system but feel I am losing out on what sound and quality should be.


Any advice would be helpful.

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Do you have a "learning" remote?
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