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Hi guys. I'm in the middle of South America trying to set up a new HT. The options down here are VERY limited and most of the things are back ordered with a waiting time of 3~6 months.

I could finally get my hands on a pair of RF52II Towers with its RC52 center but I could not find a Klipsch SW112 sub for it.

Would you mind helping me decide between these options?
  • Polk DSW 660 ($510)
  • Velodyne EQ MAX 12 ($660)
  • Velodyne EQ MAX 10 ($585)

Budget was $450 but I could go a little more if you help me understand why and even if 12" would make such a big difference on my setup? (Room is about 4 meters x 6 meter)

Thank you thank you thank you. Your help means the world at this point.
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