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I admit it.. up until now, I mostly could not care less about audio. I've always cared just about the video quality. My TV speakers have been enough for me. However, we just moved into a new-to-us house where previous owners installed surround sound speakers in the walls *AND* the movers managed to destroy our old bookshelf stereo from 1994. So I'm starting to think about getting a "real" audio setup when I replace the bookshelf stereo.

My main question is: Are there any AVRs that can act as an HDMI switch without having to have the AVR itself powered on & select some obscure option? Eg, I want to be able to easily switch between "5.1" movie mode, and using the TV speakers to watch random TV shows (Eg, evening news, when the rest of the house is in bed). Or would it be easiest to just ignore HDMI entirely, and just use an optical audio cable to feed sound from the TV to the AVR?

FWIW, I've got an LG 60PZ950 plasma on its way (3D & Audio Return Channel), with an LG BD650 3-D BD player. I'll also have a SageTV HD300 hooked up via HDMI for TV. The house already has 5 speakers in the walls, I have no idea what kind of speakers they are.


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