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NOOB Help: New AVR versus VP

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Hi people --

I have searched and scanned the forums and received some great information, but I would like some really direct advice on my situation.

I currently have an old (but reliable and good performing) Yamaha DSP-A1 receiver, a Sony Progressive scan DVD player, an XBOX 360, HDMI capable HD cable box, and want to potentially be able to support satellite in the future.

Just purchased a 70" Sony XBR2 LCoS and want to get the best possible quality image, along with switching/upconverting of my various Component and HDMI inputs.

Should I either (1) invest in a new, high-end AVR (flagship Denon, Yamaha, Onkyo, few if any which offer upconversion to 1080p) and scrap my DSP-A1 or (2) integrate a video processor such as the DVDO VP30 or VP50? Is the latter approach going to yield much better results for less $$? Are there other VP's I should consider over the DVDO in this price range?

Sorry for so many questions, thanks in advance for your advice.
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I would consider the Lumagens and get a processor to do the video processing, not a device that is primarily a means of delivering audio. You would probably get much better video processing with an HDQ and still have money left to upgrade your AVR. Pick an avr that concentrates on audio, ( without all the upconversion). Specializtion is the key
When you say consider the Lumagens, are they significantly better than the DVDO product? My understanding is they are much harder to set up and about same in quality. Appreciate the input...
Yes, there is a learning curve to the current Lumagens, ( I am in line to get the Radiance when it ships and I hope it is a little easier for idiots like me) I don't know what your budget is for the scaler, but the HDQ is probably the best scaling for the money right now. I feel Lumagen has the best customer service, and the best scaling out there. If you have a problem you can call them and actually speak to a real person. I have seen them write a fix that addressed an issue that was specific to just one person on this forum.

Again these are just my opinions

I am sure DVDO is a fine product also

Please read some of the threads for the units you are considering as there are many knowledgable owners on this forum.
My VP50 is my first video processor. I picked it after a lot of research (2 years). I can't speak for the other brands but I do want to add this: aside from the great HD video, it works wonders with plain old Svideo from my Directv HDVR2s. This was a big issue for me since most of what we watch is non-HD )old movies, shows, etc). The HDVR2 puts out really bad video and the VP50 works wonders. As for your decision to go with a combo unit... here is my situation: I have a Krell HTS7.1 that puts anything to shame from an audio standpoint. It cost a lot but I will never need to upgrade it. I used to buy new receivers every 2-3 years. Now I just buy the best and forget about it. It actually cost less over several years. Since the VP50 handles all video switching (and some audio switching) the Krell is just used for sound. BTW, Krell has a new processors (S1000/S1500) that just came out if you are into high end audio.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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