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Hey all,

First off, i would like to commend on how much knowledge that every one has on here, it is really useful.

I have finally decided to plunge into the world of fp and we now are in the process of finishing our dedicated media room with dedicated lighting..ie: batcave

The room dimensions are 20.5 ft x 14 ft with a 8.3 ft ceiling.

My choices are a 720p projector until the 1080p prices become more managable.

I have narrowed by choices down to:

sharp dt510

panasonic ptax200u

mitsubishi 1500 (maybe)

Can any of you gurus make a suggestion for me please? with optimal placement? I havent installed anything yet so placement can be virtually anywhere.

Im thinking of 2 rows of seating, first row maybe 12 ft and the 2nd row on a seat riser maybe 16 ft from the screen?

The screen is already spoken for a 106" elite fixed frame with cinegray surface.

Thanks to all you knowledgable gurus in advance!
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