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Noob question about mismatched speakers...

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So I am currently running the Fluance AVHTB+ system, as it was all I could afford at the time. I am happy with it for the most part, but the center channel speaker seems weak. Dialogue is too quiet compared to the other sounds, even if I set the center channel speaker volume way higher than the rest of the system.

I am thinking about replacing the center channel speaker. I have a height limitation of 6 inches. I am looking at the Aperion Audio Intimus 4C, as it seems to be well reviewed and fits my height restriction and modest budget just fine.

This will make my system mismatched, and I don't have the money or desire to replace all of the speakers. Will I encounter any problems with this setup? Is there anything I can do to compensate? I'm not a major audiophile but I notice problems, hence the desire to replace my center channel speaker.

Also, if it helps, I am running a Sony STR-DH720 AVR as well.

Hopefully enough information is here. Any help would be appreciated!
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I doubt you will notice too much. The Fluance center is so bad that anything is better. At worst the center will outshine the fronts...but your receiver will help alleviate the difference...if it has to.
Well the stats on the speakers are very close, and they have the same impedance. I was worried that I could do damage to my receiver, people on here imply that mixing and matching speakers is a cardinal sin.

Anyone else have any experience with the Intimus 4c? Is it my best bet for budget center channels under 6" high?

... I was worried that I could do damage to my receiver, people on here imply that mixing and matching speakers is a cardinal sin.


As long as the ohm rating is something your receiver can handle it won't hurt your system, even if the resistance doesn't match the others.

The reason people don't want a mismatched center is that you will often hear the difference. The front speakers should be timbre matched so when the sound pans from side to side you don't get a change in audio. Basically the same sound coming from the different speakers will sound different.
I understand that, and I can see how it would be annoying. My AVR also has a calibration microphone that seems to work okay, and I can adjust volume and speaker distance, etc. Is this issue something I can compensate for by adjusting the individual volume levels of each speaker?
Try lowering the volume of your L/R fronts as far down as possible and hike the center up as much as possible. If that doesn't give you better dialog (louder) then something may be wrong with your center channel. I'd make sure the polarity is correct - if thats switched it can cancel some of the sound coming from the center by the front L/R speakers.
So the polarity isn't an issue, and if I get close to the center speaker it sounds like everything that is supposed to come out of it is coming out of it. As for adjusting the volume of the center, it doesn't seem to get loud enough regardless. My L/R speakers are set to -35db when calibrated, and if I leave them there and crank the center up to +10db there is still no noticable difference. Lowering the L/R channels at this point will just make everything quieter.

From what I understand, the center speaker for this Fluance setup is notorious for being too weak, even though the rest of the setup seems fine and has no volume issues.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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