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I would like to set up a dedicated server in my home that would stream media wirelessly to different sound systems around the house and to my Epson 720 projector. (The Epson projector is connected to an OPPO BD-83, Does this connection helps in any way?)

I was imagining using several netbooks as glorified remote controls to access the server.

I have no idea where to begin:

1) Can music (in WAV and FLAC) be streamed fast enough wirelessly?

2) Can non-compressed DVD-qaulity movies (not necessarily bluray) be streamed fast enough wirelessly?

3) Will the netbooks be good controllers, and how can they be connected to the processor/preamp of each sound system?

4) I keep hearing about Apple Airport, Squeezebox, and Roku. However, I'd rather have a system that is not dependent on any particular technology except interchangeable Windows software. I once had a Sonos but discarded it when I found out its library-size limitations, and the need to stick with proprietary technology.

I would appreciate any help, including references to articles about how to set up a Windows-based wireless media server, and yet retain audiophile digitial source quality going into the preamp/processor.

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