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Hi all,

Did a bit of reading(on AVS - took a loooong time - lots of great info!) and we are finalzing the equipment for our dedicated HT.

It is in the basement in the last stages of frame. Length 22ft, width 13.9 ft. Pretty much have decided on the Sharp 12K (still open to the marantz..) and thought we had decided to go with a firehawk. Saw the post on the Vu-Tech and that looks really interesting.

Like a bright picture and want the nirvana of PQ, well...to the extent of the budget and hubby does not want a CRT....Room is completely light controlled(will be).

Will have 2 rows of seating, aprox. 12 ft and 16 ft back from the screen...now for the ?'s


What would be the optimum size screen using the Sharp12K with the above dimensions and seating?

What differences could one expect going from the Firehak to the Vu-Tech?

Is 16:9 2:35 masking available on the Vu-Tech?

Mains will be towers - will that make a difference in the screen size and to what extent?

Any idea of where the PJ will need to be set up (must be ceiling mount). Concerned it will be right over my head? Can it go back against the back wall?


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