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Noobie PQ question

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Just built my HTPC using an nVidia GT430 card, hdmi out to receiver and out to a standard def projector.

Right now I am just using Win7 MC and my files are all movies (vob files directly copied from my DVD's (movie only no trailers, menus etc.)) and on initial play back testing I am not sure I am happy with the PQ.

Do I need to install and use something more, such as WinDVD, PowerDVD, etc. to get better PQ within MC playback? I still want to use MC for the nice movie browsing experience.

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You can use ffdshow to tweak the picture a little (Like a upconverting dvd player would). You can also think about adding mediabrowser it wont affect the picture quality at all but it makes the experiance alot better.

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