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Hi everybody,

I've got some specific cabling questions, let me tell you about my setup:

One 5 channel Primare 30.5 amp (5 x 120 w in 8 ohm)

2 B&W 801 S3 front speakers

1 B&W 805 S3 Center speaker

I am going to bi-amp so that 4 of the 5 channels are used for the two 801's and the last channel is used for the center. There is two meters distance between the amp and each speaker.

Now, I have decided on some NordOst speaker cable for this setup (Solar Winds or Blue Heaven),and I am wondering about a few things:

1) For the bi-amping setup, should I "settle" for one bi-wirable speaker cable and connect two channels to each speaker this way, or should I go "all the way" and get 2 seperate Nordost cables for each side? Im sure the latter would be better, but would it justify the doubled costs?

2) I read on Nordost site that they recommend banana plugs instead of spades. Is this more expensive than spades? Is it only certain amps and speaks that can use these plugs?

3) I am a little in doubt as to whether I should get Solar Winds or the more expensive Blue Heaven cable - any opinions?

Thanks a lot for your time!
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