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I was hoping to modulate the volume for my entertainment system over multiple sources. I really have very little AVS background so please feel free to redirect me if I'm way off on my approach. My cable box volume varies quite a bit between commercials and actual programing plus videos that I stream off my pc via plex through my roku3 also vary greatly. Do most entry to mid-level receivers have an option to control this? I'm currently thinking about buying a Sony STR DN840 off Craigslist for $250 but can't tell if this function is even offered based on the manual. It includes airplay, bluetooth, six hdmi inputs and allows 4k pass through which covers all of my "needs" that I can think of.

Is this a decent way to go or am I headed in the wrong direction?

Panasonic TH42PX60U - will be upgraded within a couple years
Comcast cable box - hdmi - biggest volume shift
Roku3 - hdmi - a close 2nd
Playstation4 - hdmi - not much of an issue
Original Xbox (would have to connect direct - composite video)
Currently just two JVC bookshelf speakers
iPhone 6

Thanks for your input!
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