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Not A Home Cinema,Just a TV And Speakers

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Hi all

just some background about me,i live in the uk and i have been into home cinema since 1995,i have had lots of components since then from,Yamaha,Kenwood and now pioneer..I also love collectibles..so here is a few photo's of my new HC,i only redone the living room 2 weeks ago so any comments are welcome,please enjoy..its not much,but me family love it,

I used to have a Sharp xvc20e Projector,but it was only s-vhs and vga input,and as the blu rays or the amp dont do s-video i had to relegate it to the loft and am now saving up for a Optoma of somekind,i have reposted this as i was told by a senior member that my seup is not a HC as I have no projector...so here we are


Pioneer VSX1019 Reciever

Panasonic DMPBD35

Panasonic DMPBD60

Eltax Linear Responce 10.5 L/C/R

Elatax HT2 Bipoles

XBOX 360 Slim??

PS3 with updated 300GB HDD

Sky Hd

Q Acoustics 1000si Subwoofer

Paradigm 1000 Subwoofer(Still To Be Setup)

Samsung UE46D6750 3D led TV

QED & IXOS speaker cable and interconnects

209 Blu Rays..(i did have over 500 dvd's but i sold them to concentrate on my blu rays...

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Looks good Hip Hop. I did see your post in the forum previously, where you thought you copped a bit of heat for your comments. Not sure why you are upset but there you go.

Your set up does look nice and I am sure that it is great for you. Ultimately, it is irrelevant what others think of your set-up...as long as you are happy with it that's the only important factor. However, as you say, it is not a home theatre set up and is probably better listed in the home theatre / media room section. In any case, the majority of banter in this forum results from the actual construction process. It is an invaluable resource for tips, advice and assistance. If you feel that you would like to show off your components, I am sure you will find more feedback in 'show me your completed theatre' forums, find a thread relevant to the components that you have chosen and the like. I would urge you to spend lots and lots and lots of hours reading through the threads here and you will find that in the great majority of builds, the room is the dominant part of the theatre.... otherwise it's just, as you say, a TV and speakers.
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