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Man 13 ghosts old version looked good on my 15.4 w/s computer with a 16 x 10 configuration, trouble is the owners manual didn't say much about the 8X the DVD+R/RW. I know it will play CD/DVD but how do you record from it they only said their was sonic DVD software. Can anyone tell me how the Inspiron 8600 notebook from Dell works? I downloaded the the manual in .PDF form it looks the same 130 pages versus the paper 180 pages.

OS is windows XP Pro 1.999 or 2.0GHz

755 w/Dothan chip set

Intel Pentium M

64MB Nvidia

512MB RAM single dimm

80GB Hard Drive


Sonic Version 7

These discs are from my last compter:

Nero Ultimate 6

PSP 8.0

PS 5 Photo Album

Roxio 6 CD creator

Microsoft office 2003

Business Manager 2003

Logitech optical trackman mouse

Dell Image Expert

2005 Norton internet Security

Can anyone enlighten me how to use a 8x DVD+R to record my old VHS tapes and what port I can use to deliver them to the 80GB hard drive then the DVD+, I only have a s-video or mini din 15 pin out. That has me stumped how to get data into the computer so I can record it to DVD. I have a IEEE 1394 port and a PC Card slot the unit has a 5.1 sound besides all the centrino and bluetooth Wi-Fi, I am not familiar with eir the IEEE 1394 or PC Card. TIA

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You need to have some type of capture device in the machine. Generally the video card will have a feature called "VIVO" (video in, video out). In order to get video into the laptop, you'd need a device capable of accepting the input. Then you would use software to handle the encoding of the incoming video signal.

The firewire port (IEEE 1394) can be an input for video but it could also be an output. It may just be there as a way to connect an external hard drive. You're going to need to know more about the video sub-system to know if you have the video capture capability.

There are external devices that you can buy that can be connected to the laptop via USB or firewire. Pinnacle makes one and Plextor may as well. That may be your best bet.
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